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Why are mentors so important?
Without mentors, Elementary PREP would not be successful. The fourth and fifth grade students who have completed the after-school curriculum would return to their at-risk environments without the support and encouragement of a consistent, positive, adult role model.

A National Institute of Drug Abuse funded study identified the protective factors that can help prevent high-risk youth from engaging in delinquency and drug use. Mentoring increases protective factors such as: parent involvement, commitment to school, involvement with positive social activities, bonding and attachment, and positive peer relationships. You can make this vital difference in a child's life!

Discovering Options mentors commit to a minimum of 20 one-hour sessions with their proteges. Mentors arrange their own schedules. Mentoring sessions can occur at school, or in the evenings or on weekends. Mentors and proteges decide how to spend their time together. They often go to a park, try new kinds of foods, do homework, or visit the zoo or museums.

What kind of training will I get?
The first step is to complete an initial interview where our staff learns about your hobbies and interests, reviews the program requirements with you, and completes the initial paperwork and background check. At your mentor orientation, you will be given training which includes mentoring research and common stumbling blocks; at this time you'll receive a mentor handbook. In addition, Discovering Options will give you individualized mentoring support based on our knowledge of your protege and his or her family. We also provide ongoing mentor support:

1. Quarterly Meetings - These are for mentors only. They will provide you with more education and put you in contact with a support network of other mentors.
2. Monthly Outings -All mentors and proteges are invited to get to know each other at these events.
3. We also provide 24/7 online and telephone mentor support.

I'm interested. What's my next step?
For more information, contact Megan Brandt at 721-8116 or [email protected]